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Think creatively and critically with Geek Toys World!


Do you remember those days getting together with your family and friends, spending a great time together? At the moment, when people are gradually moving into virtual reality, we’re already starting to forget what it’s like to put aside our gadgets and hang out in the company. It may seem that life can lose its colors without electronic devices, and it is simply impossible to imagine us without them today.

The simplest way to bring back the best traditions and fill the day with warm feelings is to call the loved ones and play some real games. Even though there are so many things invented on the games market, there is an option to find something new and more exciting. Geek Toys US has something special and interesting to offer you, by bringing its amazing products to the US and Canada market.

“Geek Toys” was founded in Eastern Europe in 2012, when the first experimental project “IQ puzzle” was launched. Since then a huge variety of unusual puzzles was created. They introduce exclusive games that are perfect for both children and adults. These goods surely will captivate you for many hours. They provide a unique opportunity to discover the wonderful world of different puzzles. Everybody will find one or more goods to blow the mind and fill the day with positive emotions.

The main products are  “IQ PUZZLE”, “WOODEN PUZZLE”, “PIECEZZ PUZZLE”, “CHALLENGING PUZZLE”. It is carefully ensured that these games bring not only stormy emotions, but also benefits, both in training the mind and in acquiring the skill to think outside the box and find a solution, especially when it seems that there is no way out anymore!

5 main benefits of playing these fantastic puzzles!

  • problem-solving skills are developed,
  • visual and spatial reasoning skills are improved,
  • the way we make logical connections is increased,
  • it gives us feelings of happiness and energizes the mood,
  • it distracts from the hustle.

Now, it’s time to introduce one of the most incredible products from the collection.  “IQ Puzzle” is not just an ordinary game or a chaotically cut figure, it is thoughtfully cut lines. It is also a perfect alternative to gadgets, as it develops logic, spatial and non-standard thinking in a person, and also the ability to find a way out of difficult situations. With the help of this awesome staff, you can spend time together with your children, as they strongly need our attention. IQ PUZZLE will help to establish communication between parents and children as well as to develop analytical thinking.

The task of the IQ PUZZLE is to put together the figure indicated on the box. It is made of high-quality plexiglass and its details are cut so well that it is very difficult to put them into a geometric shape. For example, you have to put a square of four details and you have to think creatively to do that out of four same details. It often seems like something is missing or there’s a small part of the detail that doesn’t fit, but everything is there.

Later a series of other equally fascinating products were created, which was called “Challenge Puzzle”, and a line “PIECEZZ PUZZLE” was started in 2018. Over the years the goods have become well known in Europe, CIS countries, Israel, and now they are presented on the US market.

“PIECEZZ PUZZLE” is a premium product, which is made from processed wood with details in the form of figures (animals, plants, birds, characters, symbols). It is a wonderful exercise that calms down your inner world and develops concentration. They create a warm atmosphere and unite people. The most important thing in natural wooden puzzles is the enjoyment of the assembly process.

After all, in the game, you feel energetic and full of strength! You can take with you a couple of these goods on the plane, on the road trip, or on the beach and spend a perfect time with loved ones. Also, you can choose gift boxes, which will be a perfect present for everyone.

Let yourself relax and dive into the colorful world of marvelous puzzles. They will make you use imagination, apply logic and spatial thinking! The trick is that they look simple, but don’t underestimate their complexity. Enjoy every second with “Geek Toys World”, spend time with family and friends, awaken your mind and develop your critical thinking.