Collection: Challenge Puzzle | Most Brain Challenging Puzzles for Adults

Introducing Our premium quality, Patent Pending and Certified Intertek Germany most brain challenging puzzles for adults & kids. The “Challenge Puzzle” is the second series of puzzles that stimulates mental activity, develops visual memory, logical and spatial thinking, imagination, and accuracy.
We warn you right away! Challenge Puzzle is not for beginners or even advanced. This puzzle is for professional adults!
Perfectly suitable for solution by one person and in a company with friends, family or colleagues.
Like all our puzzles, the “challenging puzzle” develops spatial representation, imagination, constructive thinking, combinatorial abilities.
This series is also made of wood, providing pleasant tactical feelings during the puzzle assembly, a cozy atmosphere, enchanting with the relaxing scent.
Solution time is from 5 minutes to several hours! It will blow your brain! Let's try the most challenging brain puzzle for adults & kids.